ALASCOM uses its experience deriving from precision interlocking technology on machine tools and bending machines to apply to injection and extrusion molding. The result is maximum precision of movement and extremely optimized cycle times to produce quantities of high quality components with maximum repeatability.

We are also well introduced to the “Medical Package” where we offer both pick and place and logistic handling solutions (solutions certified for use in ISO 7 clean room).

But what is the secret to optimizing production and reducing cycle times? Automate the process with robots. The integration of a robot on the machine, in fact, allows to speed up the loading / unloading of the press and increase the positioning accuracy, as well as ensuring correct handling of the molded pieces. In a nutshell: greater efficiency and productivity.

Now the connection of an anthropomorphic robot to the press is really simple: we have tools that facilitate the setting of the parameters and activate the commissioning of the cell in a few moments, making the operation in fact immediate. For efficient press loading / unloading, ALASCOM also offers the possibility of integrating collaborative robots.

All systems are also Industry 4.0 ready, compliant with the Euromap 77 standard, which enables the connection of machines on the network (if set up) with interfacing to MES systems through the OPC UA protocol. Our interface activates real-time monitoring from remote PCs and smart devices providing a series of information of strategic importance relating to productivity, quality, traceability and advanced diagnostics, for total control in a 4.0 key.