Sector and services


Services such as studies, concepts and simulations. Lean manufacturing, six sigma and total productive management (TPM)

Conception, engineering and realization of customized solutions for industrial applications

Ability to fully produce small and large scale projects from a single entity

Integration of selected automation components to propose complete solutions for value-added processes

System analysis, preventive maintenance, spare parts, adjustments, training, on-site personnel, worldwide support

Alascom has gained experience in Systems Integration across various industrial sectors in the provision of development and management services for voice and data transport infrastructures. In recent years, the offer has been expanded with digital transformation services in the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data analytics, cybersecurity and cloud computing areas. The offer in automation in the manufacturing and industrial sector has also recently grown with the addition of programming and predictive maintenance services for industrial and collaborative robots.

Industry and Manufacturing
Alascom has provided design, engineering, implementation and management services of network infrastructures for some of the main listed groups in Italy, with reference to industrial sectors such as steel production, defense and aerospace, chemical / pharmaceutical, food.

Robot Engineering
Alascom offers design and implementation services for high-tech solutions based on robotics and artificial intelligence. The portfolio of services offered includes industrial robotics, collaborative robotics, natural language processing, machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA).

Oil & Gas and Utilities
With the main Italian groups operating in the Oil & Gas sector, support is continuing to be provided both in Italy and abroad. The foreign support provides for the presence of Alascom personnel at the production sites of the client companies. To date, this service has reached a global extension, with particular concentration in North / Central Africa and the Middle East, where Alascom is present with its offices in Dubai and Mozambique. Other principals are present in Asia (in particular in the Central Asian Republics and in Southeast Asia), South America and throughout Europe. Alascom has also worked for various Utilities operating in the energy and water distribution, both in Italy and abroad (eg Dubai), completing projects for the engineering and implementation of telecommunication infrastructures, as well as surveillance systems. physical and video surveillance based on IP technologies.

Contracts are still in place with the major telephony and telecommunication operators in Italy, as well as a fair number of foreign multinational companies operating in the sector. The general portfolio of services offered over the years has expanded and includes network engineering, network extension and network operation.
Programming and optimization of robotic applications
We provide programming services for robotics, controls, engineering and production support.
Our service group has experienced programmers in the integration of Comau, Fanuc, Kuka and ABB robots.



Spot welding
Arc welding
Bonding, sealing
Gripper (manipulation)
Laser cutting and welding (IPG laser)
Roll hem
Tool change
ISRA vision
Workvisual configuration
Machine tool enslavement
Plasma cutting

The choice of Alascom as robot programming experts will involve:

-Full robot support (program start-up) including delivery of optimized systems that meet safety requirements and design intent.

– Establish expert robot leaders with experience in reducing cycle times, improving quality and implementing improvement ideas to minimize downtime and accelerate integration.

–Technical support and training that emphasize the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to enable personnel to maintain operations in complete independence.



Cycle time optimization
When fractions of a second not only matter, they cost money, cycle time optimization is fundamental to the bottom line. Improvements in cycle time and robot optimization are needed to meet the demands placed on production systems. Alascom has a proven track record of helping companies achieve their manufacturing goals with:
System analysis and review of robots, control systems and production lines.

Definition and implementation of optimization measures and corrective planning.

PLC design software
Implementation of control logics with PLC of the main manufacturers:
Revamping of obsolete lines with adaptation to the new generation of controllers. Versatility and adaptation to the use of the standard set of customers. Integrated management of the safety logic in the latest generation PLC. Custom implementation of network architectures (Profinet, Profibus, Interbus, DeviceNet, etc.)
Robot programming
Robot programming of the main manufacturers: COMAU, ABB, FANUC, KUKA, MOTOMAN, PANASONIC
Design of handling, welding, deburring, coating and gluing systems. Management and construction of vision, measurement and quality control.
Scada planning
Implementation of remote control systems dedicated to the supervision of installations of any type.

PLC programming
We are able to provide PLC programming for leading PLC equipment manufacturers, in particular: SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, OMRON & ALLEN-BRADLEY.
The level of knowledge and programming skills of our technical team is such that we can program without problems even products of lesser known brands in the sector.

We also provide our customers with:

Offline programming
HMI systems – Interface control panel
Supervisory systems (SCADA)
Technical assistance
Staff training
Development of technical documentation and editing manuals

Public administrations
Alascom has provided and continues to provide design, implementation and management services of telephone and data networks for organizations of considerable importance and size, including the central administrations of the country, regional and provincial authorities, as well as local administrations. Its presence in the university education sector is significant, where Alascom has completed projects in the territorial areas of Milan, Rome and Bologna.

ICT market
The nature of the System Integrator that characterizes the company takes the form of fruitful and lasting relationships of partnership and / or collaboration with some of the main vendors and players in the ICT market, as evidenced by the prestigious certifications awarded to the company and its specialists. By virtue of this tradition of collaboration, Alascom has operated and continues to operate as a provider of value-added services for major players in the ICT sector.

Financial services
In the field of Financial services, the offer has been enriched over time by including services and solutions that go beyond network infrastructure and management, including Contact Center applications and outsourcing of network and system management and support services. . Currently, the offer aimed at financial services has been expanded with infrastructural solutions and cybersecurity applications with added value.
Other services
Other realities for which Alascom has had the opportunity to work include large public and private companies in the television broadcasting sector, real estate brokerage groups, civil engineering services and industrial construction. Through its commercial network, Alascom continuously comes into contact with new realities operating in the world of services, offering everyone targeted connectivity and ICT infrastructure solutions.

Successful cases
Among the successful cases addressed, there are projects of radical and pervasive infrastructural transformation for the creation of next-generation networks (NGN) and the evolution of the core network infrastructure, carried out with large customers operating in the Telco sector. Here are some of the most successful services:

Robot Engineering: manufacturing industry introducing collaborative robotics systems
AR / VR: systems for design support in the manufacturing sector
IOT / industry 4.0: Machine tool integration systems
IOT / industry 4.0: Process machine integration systems
IOT / industry 4.0: Process plant monitoring systems
IOT / industry 4.0: predictive maintenance analytics
IOT / industry 4.0: production analytics
Cybersecurity: study and implementation of ICS protection systems in the OIL $ GAS area
MES / MOM manufacturing industry
Network Engineering – transport technologies: service provided for three of the main Italian telephone operators
Work Force Management – connectivity project: service provided for a public subsidiary providing ICT services in an important region of north-east Italy
Network operations: service provided for four of the main Italian telephone operators
Engineering Operations: service provided for the Cloud infrastructure of one of the leading companies in Italy for the telephone market
OSS / BSS projects: service provided for a leading company that provides telephony and connectivity services
(Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) DWDM Network Engineering and Operations: service provided for two leading companies operating, respectively, in the television sector and in the provision of multimedia services (associated with connectivity and telephony)
Cisco Engineering: service provided for a leading postal services company
Design and engineering of the network extension with Ericsson technologies: service provided for a primary telephone operator in Oman
Networking and (Near Field Communication) NFC Technology: service focused on healthcare professionals
Converged Communication: service focused on transport sector operators