Alascom is able to supply automatic systems to place goods on pallets in an efficient way, commonly called palletization. It uses Hyundai anthropomorphic robots both in the standard (industrial) and collaborative version for those cases where the available space is limited, offering the possibility of sharing it with an operator and does not make use of perimeter protection networks.

For gripping systems, Alascom designs and manufactures these components internally and also relies on international vendors able to offer quality products for some basic components. All this is then reinforced towards the customer by our rapid, timely technical assistance service, organized thanks to over 30 years of experience and competence.



Returning to our design team, this allows us to develop increasingly complex solutions, to manipulate what the current production landscape requires more and more assiduously. The most common applications are generally at the end of the line where packaged goods must be loaded on pallets for their movement within the company, for example to the warehouse, or outside the company for transport to the final destination. Recently Alascom has also refined solutions capable of moving goods from a pallet to a conveyor, a defined depalletizing activity. Handling in bin picking is increasingly frequent. The landscape of applications may vary. We manage goods on pallets that can be of the standard type, that is with all the same shapes and with the same dimensions, or applications that handle different formats or dimensions (random). As you can imagine, the fields of use are in the manufacturing, logistics, industry, GDO, retail sectors and where the request will be concrete. Furthermore, the management of the handling and palletizing phases at the end of the line is a crucial point for every production process. And it is here in particular that robotics today really makes the difference, guaranteeing maximum precision and optimizing time and costs. Alascom is a specialist in the design and implementation of solutions designed specifically for the end of line and is able to supply complete systems for all types of handling and packaging. Each solution developed by Alascom is designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. And in the same way, each plant is assembled and tested in the company by our technicians before delivery, to always ensure guaranteed and uncompromising quality.