Alascom manufactures end-of-line plants with handling robots specially implemented for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, food & beverage industries where the criticalities related to manual operations are overcome thanks to the technological know-how and experience of the company.

Alascom offers high-tech automated solutions for the construction of handling and packaging lines in the Food & Beverage sector.

The production range embraces all types of packaging to be managed for the most diversified products, from thermoformed trays (meat, cold cuts, sauces, cheese, ready meals, etc.) to bags or doypacks (snacks, biscuits, olives, grated or fresh cheeses. etc.) also with the help of vision and quality devices to be integrated on robotic devices. In our laboratories, innovative integrated cartoning systems are implemented that respond in small spaces to all the packaging needs of bags and bottles of products for personal and home hygiene (such as detergents, soaps), cosmetics (creams, detergents, mascara and other make-up products) and pharmaceutical products (plasters, tablets, lotions, etc.). Different solutions studied with AGV.