SPHERA is a software suite designed for manufacturing companies, to implement all the functions of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) according to the ISA95 standard.

SPHERA responds to the needs of companies characterized by production processes based on manpower, on machines and production lines, or a mix of all of these. It is suitable for companies that carry out repetitive production (for example the molding of plastic, food and beverages), and that produce to order (for example machinery manufacturers).

SPHERA is available in vertical solutions to reduce implementation times: SPHERA MOLD (plastic and mechanical, molding, extrusion, …), SPHERA MEC (mechanics), SPHERA LINE (Food and Beverage, Pharma), SPHERA MACHINERY (construction of machines, plants , …), SPHERA ELECTRONIC (production of boards, switchboards and electrical-electronic assembly), ..

SPHERA realizes the connection of the ERP to the production departments, increasing efficiency and improving quality, in cost control. For this, a SPHERA system pays for itself in a few months.


MANAGEMENT CONTROL: thanks to the OBJECTIVE detection of the times and of the pieces produced and discarded, SPHERA allows to measure the materials and the time spent in the processing, both of manpower and of the machine to feed as well as refine analytical and industrial accounting

PRODUCTION CONTROL: once the SPHERA system has received the production plan with the expected data, it supervises in real time the verification of the adherence of the production to the expected plan, reporting in real time drifts that lead to longer processing times with consequent reduction of the margins.

ERROR ELIMINATION: SPHERA allows you to reduce or eliminate typical human errors, thanks to interactive controls on operator declarations. Where possible and convenient, the machine setup process can also be automated.

REAL EXTENSION OF THE INFORMATION SYSTEM: SPHERA literally realizes the acronym ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) allowing you to link the information system to the production departments, directly to the machines and operators. The investments made to implement the management system are enhanced by extending the computerization in the production departments, increasing efficiency: drawings, quality controls, operating and setup instructions, are available to the operators on the press / line and the managers immediately know the status of the production.

SPHERA increases efficiency and improves quality, in cost control. For this, a SPHERA system pays for itself in a few months.

These modules allow you to connect SPHERA to the information system – to the customer’s ERP, in order to:

Receive a work plan, picking lists, ERP input lots to be used
Return final and certain data to the ERP (times, pieces produced, waste, raw materials) in real time or at set times
Standard interfaces are already available for the main ERP / Management systems
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