Digital twin e simulazione come processo innovativo EN


Robcad Planning

The main feature of Robcad is to provide a simple virtual reconstruction of the work environment to allow the planning of the operations to be performed and the optimization of the design of the work cell. Finally, through optional modules, it is possible to translate the simulation directly into the programming language of the automated line. The use of a robotic simulator should allow the reduction of time for the start of the production of new products, the reduction of production interruptions, the optimization of production operations.

Simulation Process

The use of Process Simulate allows you to integrate the functionality of the Robcad development platform, which allows the optimization of the virtual paths to be assigned to the robot and allows a starting point for commissioning the robot programmer. Reduce the start-up times of new lines and changes subject to production needs.Validate, simulate and virtually verify assembly projects at each stage of the plant’s work cycle. Reuse, authorize and validate production processes, facilitating the operations of human and mechanical tools, devices and robots. Reduce planning time and change costs with automated sequencing, validation tools, production gathering and communication problems.