Quality control

Quality control



The role of cobots in companies is no longer relegated to the sole technical and material processing tasks. The new frontier of collaborative robotics is the use of vision systems for the qualitative analysis of products and the identification of defects.

Quality control

Countless studies confirm this: repairing defective products, or withdrawing them once they are placed on the market, is much more expensive than investing in quality control.

High reputation

Preventing the handling of entire irregular batches results in significant economic savings. Furthermore, the company acquires and maintains a strong reputation, due to the high production standards and the minimum recall rate.


Flexible and reliable solution

Cobots are a flexible and reliable solution for inspecting parts before they reach the last stages of the supply chain. They contribute to increasing productivity, are easy to integrate into the production flow and each system is tailor-made according to the machinery used.

Visual inspection

At the same time, the operators are relieved of a tiring and highly responsible task, namely the visual inspection, piece by piece, of many identical elements.

An application that offers QC where it is needed, when it is needed and / or combined with applications

In applications where:


  • A fixed control system does not justify itself
  • Zone control on medium / large objects
  • Medium-long cycle time
  • Sparse control areas
  • Inspections


NO where:


  • Production lines
  • Short cycle times



  • Immediate control of processing is required:
  • continuous process: eg. welding
  • at the end of a machining process: eg: CNC machine tending

It allows to:


  • Introduce the QC where it was not previously present or managed with separate processes
  • Time and space optimization
  • Timely management of waste