Industry 4.0

Creating synergies through IOT


Sensors and Controllers (CNC/PLC)

They are carefully selected by our R&D talents. Our engineers design the solution on a large scale, our technicians deliver and install the devices.


We are consolidated partners of the main suppliers of equipment for industrial networks; of which we manage all technologies, with over 20 years of experience.

Local data processing and management

Move intelligence close to data in order to clean, filter and aggregate data. Carrying out local analyzes and historicizations to balance the need for completeness with the technical and economic constraints linked to the size of the communication channels.

Data abstraction and application

Since the data is heterogeneous (structured or not, in real time or permanent), abstraction is essential.To extract value from data, in addition to integration with existing systems and reporting, it is increasingly important to select, refine, analyze and forecast data.

Collaboration and processes

One of the main obstacles to investments is organizational inertia; for this reason we support the customer beyond the mere supply of technology towards an effective transfer of technological value and through training activities.Security is a critical aspect. We can provide a complete set of services: selection of technologies and suppliers, logical security engineering (software and network), vulnerability assessment of networks and applications.We support our customers with a complete solution: from the installation of physical devices or sensors, to connectivity, up to the value-added phases of data acquisition and analysis, for the advanced prediction of future events and for supporting corporate strategy. We help our customers to transfer innovation into organizational processes. We offer safety and maintenance solutions.