Alascom is one of the partners of the bi-rex competence center in Bologna.

BI-REX is one of the 8 national Competence Centers set up by the Ministry of Economic Development as part of the Industry 4.0 government plan, with a specialized focus on Big Data.

The competence center includes 5 Universities +7 Public Bodies + 44 BIG-DATA and ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING companies

THE PILOT LINE is a production line where Industry 4.0 technologies are integrated with traditional ones, in a digitally interconnected environment. A digital factory of the future where you can test solutions and processes with high added value.

The robotic area includes a collaborative assembly station with two anthropomorphic arms and a mobile self-driving robot (AMR). Including interfaces dedicated to the handling of production materials (semi-finished products, warehouses) and industrial IT infrastructures (5G connectivity, MES).


Here are our Bi-rex solutions:Mobile Robot Vehicle (AMR)The pilot line has a mobile unit with natural navigation (Autonomous Mobile Robot, AMR), controllable with a web interface in wi-fi communication and ready for 5G. Can be integrated with industrial IT systems for heterogeneous movements (e.g. integration with MES for fleet management, 5G communication). MIR250 model with 250kg capacity. The unit can be programmed to move loads automatically and develop specific use cases.Collaborative anthropomorphic arm (Cobot)The BI-REX pilot line has two units of collaborative robotic arms with 6 degrees of freedom, integrated with vision and gripping systems for handling and / or process tasks. A robot with a 14 kg payload and available on a fixed but reconfigurable platform (FANUC CR-14ia). A second robot with 10kg payload (FANUC CRx-10) and positioned on a mobile trolley, so that it can also be moved by an AMR.Mobile robot vehicle equipped with collaborative system and gripper (Mobot)To enrich the delivery of self-driving and collaborative vehicles, BI-REX has a development platform called Mobot that can be reprogrammed to carry out tasks of classification, quality control, autonomous management of semi-finished products and tools, interlocking in a reprogrammable way. Through specific grippers “learn” to classify and cluster different objects, organize them in homogeneous batches and manage a warehouse or other assistance functions to the pilot line. The Mobot can operate alone or in programmable fleets and can also be reconfigured in 5G or AR mode. At present it represents the most advanced expression of the digital technologies integration project, bringing them all as a dowry. It is also connectable to Human-Machine communication systems and can interpret human words and language via WhatsApp   SMACT SMACT is one of the 8 Industry 4.0 Competence Centers born in Italy on the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development.It is a public-private partnership that systematizes the skills in the 4.0 field of research, technology providers and early adopter companies. SMACT is an ecosystem of research, companies and public bodies, brought together to create value in the digital transformation, of which we are Partners.