The provision of professional services in outsourcing and in operational support mode is another cornerstone of Alascom’s core business.

A traditional way in which our outsourcing activity is carried out involves the PRESIDENCY OF HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND CERTIFIED ALASCOM STAFF AT SITES OF INTEREST OF THE CUSTOMER.

A second method provides for remote support in Network Operations Center (NOC) mode with the following characteristics:

Ongoing support

Supporto continuo fino a 24×7, con livelli di SLA di 1h, 4h, NBD a seconda della tipologia di cliente.

ITIL certification

ITIL certification of NOC management processes.

Active monitoring

Active monitoring of the customer’s infrastructure with multi-vendor support of network systems and equipment.


Remote assistance service, troubleshooting, incident management and change management.

Operative Management

Operational management, with application and capacitive infrastructure reconfiguration service.

Single point of contact

Single point of contact for the reception of customer requests and for the resolution of problems and incidents.

Security Operations center

Active management of network security in Security Operations center mode.

Alascom’s NOC services are articulated according to the principles of modularity and flexibility to scale in accordance with the requirements of the client company:


Direct access to the customer support service in 8 × 5 mode, with taking charge of 1h and SLA of 4h / 6h for problems relating to the functionality of the service, architectural configurations and potential service errors / incidents.


Support in 24 × 7 mode, with taking charge of 0.5h and 4h / 6h SLA via direct multilingual telephone channel, ticketing service, access to the Alascom technical assistance center (TAC), and assistance on development and architectural configuration activities for the specific use case.


Access to all ADVANCED services, with the further refinement of the SLAs to 1h and access to the 3rd level support of the technical account management team of Alascom, for taking charge of “hands-on” engineering activities with high added value.

I processi di NOC di Alascom rispondono alle principali best practices di mercato e sono certificati ITIL per quanto riguarda le modalità di erogazione del servizio.