Data center


Alascom believes it can provide considerable added value in this sense, selecting and training its analysts (data scientists) on the basis of technical aspects (statistical programming languages, analysis tools, relational / non-relational / in-memory databases) , statistics (mathematical, stastic and machine learning models), but also and above all of understanding the “data chain”: how this was collected, transmitted and how it should be cleaned up, normalized and represented.

This approach is based on the tradition of system integration cultivated by the company over more than twenty years, so it is vital to create and maintain an overview of the reference system.From a technological point of view, Alascom has articulated its data analytics proposition in two directions, which address two important macro-segments of the national and international market.

First direction

A first direction is based on the use of software tools and totally open source systems, for which the client company is not burdened with expensive license and / or use costs. This proposition, aimed at medium and medium-small companies, guarantees high quality standards based on best-of-the-breed technologies of the open panorama. Large companies inclined to the use of open source technologies equally benefit from this first approach.

Second direction

A second direction is based on the use of proprietary software tools and systems, produced by a few selected vendors with whom Alascom has developed partnership agreements and collaborations. This branch of the offer is aimed at large and medium-large companies or operators who need continuous support from an established vendor. To this end, Alascom carried out an intense scouting activity on the available solutions, in order to offer the customer a portfolio of high quality technological solutions.