The WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a software system that has the task of supporting the operational management of the physical flows that pass through the warehouse; from the control of incoming goods during the acceptance phase to the preparation of shipments to customers (but, in the case of interoperational warehouses, also other departments).

The main WMS macro-processes

  • the identification of goods in transit in the warehouse;
  • reception and control;
  • the management of UoC (for example, the assignment of a specific package to a collection pallet);
  • planting in the locations;
  • internal transfers and lowerings from reserve locations to picking locations;
  • management of the warehouse map (using, for example, the rotation of stocks to determine in which locations it is convenient to place / pick up a specific item);
  • picking;
  • shipments to customers (in the meaning seen above);
  • the preparation of inventories or, more generally, of statistics regarding stocks and flows.

MagWare® is the warehouse management solution (WMS) that Alascom offers.Voicering® is much more than a set of wearable, barcode and voice technologies, it is a complete and flexible work processing and control system for any activity and type of warehouse:

• Reduces execution times by up to 20%
• Integration with any warehouse management system
• Minimizes errors or oversights committed by distracted operators in the use of the terminal
• Limit the use of paper for warehouse activities
• Simplify the introduction of new ways of working

All the main functions of MagWare® have been designed to be performed in real time through:
• Radio terminals
• Voice commands
• Third party automations
The user interfaces are:
• Rich, intuitive and functional
• Designed for a variety of exceptions
• Easy to learn and use

MagWare® is a solid and flexible WMS platform, usable in warehouses of all types and sizes. Different versions of the very particular product have been studied to anticipate the increasingly specific market demands in the declinations of modern logistics:
• MagWare® Fashion for clothing
• MagWare® GDO for organized distribution
• MagWare® Food for the food sector
• MagWare® VAS (Value Added Service) for warehouses with added value processes
• MagWare® E-Commerce for those who need to manage the complexities of E-Commerce Logistics

MagWare® and Voicering® can be integrated with the whole world of warehouse or production automation, a union that is able to enhance the capacity of the software with the performance of the machines, a resource that is increasingly present in Logistics 4.0:
• Automatic warehouses
• Anthropomorphic and non-anthropomorphic robots
• Stacker cranes or order pickers
• Self-driving cars (AGV-AMR)
• Vertical and horizontal warehouses