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The Company provides consulting services and solutions in partnerships, outsourcing and support to all those companies and organizations that recognize the use of telecommunication networks an essential tool for their business.
Over more than a decade of consulting, Alascom has been able to operate in heterogeneous environment between them, by developing an internal know-how needed today to meet new challenges of the Information Communication Technology.

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Alascom participates at the fair in Rimini ECOMONDO.
You are all invited to visit us at Citta Sostenibile - Hall B7.
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Alascom participates at the Trento Smart City Week


ALASCOM is the distributor of the CESTINO INTELLIGENTE BigBelly Solar, the world leader of smart waste management and recycling.
The BigBelly smart waste will be presented at the Forum Rifiuti. See you there!
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Alascom participates at the fair in Rimini ECOMONDO.
You are all invited to visit our stand: Stand 178 Hall D1.
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Alascom actively participates in "E015 - Digital Ecosystem". "E015 - Digital Ecosystem" is a digital environment of cooperation open, competitive, non-discriminatory and competitive development of integrated services offered to citizens through the internet and represents a major opportunity for development the territory. The initiative is a collaboration between the companies Expo 2015 SpA and Confindustria, Milan Chamber of Commerce, Confcommercio, Assolombarda and Union of Commerce with the aim to facilitate the matching of supply and demand of goods and services by the system businesses in favor of citizens, not only in the four-preparation and conduct of the World Fair, but also for subsequent years. "E015 - Digital Ecosystem" make available to all traders who intend to participate in the technological standards, the Guidelines, processes, rules and elements enabling infrastructure to facilitate interoperability of ICT services and the development of computer applications (Multi-channel / multi-device and / or web sites) that offer functionality integrated end-users. More details can be found at

Alascom contributes to "E015 - Digital Ecosystem" as End User Application Provider having realized the following applications for the end user:
- LookUp!: The application LookUp! is aimed at all those who have an Android device they want to receive information on the best route to take to reach the goal of interest. LookUp! provides information in real time, through the services made available by E015 catalog such as::
    - Transport;
    - Cultural tours;
    - Restaurant;
    - Events.
The user specifies the place of departure and destination; indicates the type of information of his interest and receives the details of the suggested routes with the relevant information.


To review the trend of new technologies and possible future developments of traditional solutions, the International Institute of Research presents the first edition of "Information Technology Forum" exhibit. The only event dedicated to end user companies, IT companies and the ICT Channel. The display represents a meeting and comparison opportunity that gives its participants all the tools to compare and evaluate potential of new business models and technological solutions. Seven round tables will help presenting: Big Data, Cloud Computing, Storage, IT Security, Mobile Solution, Tablet & Smartphone, BYOD, Business Intelligence that represent specific sectors: Information Technology, Public Sector, Energy & Utilities, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Retail & GDO, Healthcare.

ALASCOM, Gold sponsor of the event, will be present in the display area and among participants in the round table of Banking & Finance.



We participate to All-Over-IP event in Moscow, Russia, the next 21, 22 November. All-over-IP is the number one networking event in Russia for IT companies and professionals. Entry is free, to register click here:



We're proud to sponsor an important event like "Oltre il buio, le parole visive", the Rfid project for visually impaired people in gala at Teatro Dal Verme di Milano. The event will be patron by Annalisa Minetti, which will accompany the public between musical moments to discover the fundamental importance of technological innovations aimed to improve the quality of life of visually impaired people: a bracelet capable of identifying objects and describe them through audio messages. The entry is free, aiming at gathering the necessary funds to enable the participating entities, associations and people to freely distribute these devices to those who need them.
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ALASCOM at CISCO Village in fieramilanocity will introduce the latest technologies developed in the range of Data Center, Cloud Computing, Borderless Networks and Advanced Communication Systems.

Our company is certified
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
UNI EN ISO 14001:2004
UNI EN ISO 27001:2013
OHSAS 18001:2007
Qualification for execution of public work Cat. OS19 Class. IV
Qualification for design and construction operation up to VIII classification